Residential interior design Los Angeles

We don’t design house. We design homes. Residential interior design is our true passion. At Nadia Designs, we value the comfort, style, art, and warmth of a home. We are here to make your residential interior project something truly special. We also promise to give our best.

Here are what we pledge to our valued residential interior design clients.

We will do whatever it takes to give our clients 100% satisfaction.
We will make the process simple, fun and rewarding.
We will do whatever it takes to make the interior design stand out and make your dream come true.
We will value your opinions.
We will be honest.

We offer top residential interior design in Los Angeles – our job is to understand our clients. We will listen. But beyond the basic interior design goals, understanding client’s imagination is our ongoing homework. We will also inject our creativity and share our interior design expertise verbally and visually. We will imagine together.

We will understand client’s expectation and style, so this working relationship is smooth and effortless. When we are home remodeling, we want to make sure we are on a same page from start to finish. We don’t make every decisions. We will help you to chime in and be a major part of the decision. Because interior design is a creative and communicative process we must interact and communicate. To remodel your home is not an easy task. It involves our imagination, and your vision. Let’s build the best remodeled home in Los Angeles.

When we start the home remodeling project we will be focusing on these:

Create a floor plan and furniture space plan.
A design discussion to review and finalize the space plan.
The create the design concept for the master bathroom design and kitchen.
Discuss to review and finalize design concept.
The create the design concept for furnishings.
Purchase items.
Implement items.

If you have more questions then please Call Nadia.

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