Client: Long Beach, CA


Located on the promenade in Long Beach, Award winning Jeweler Mark Schneider operates a full Design Studio with a retail, whole sale show room. (  )
I was contacted to update the building, last renovated in the 1970’s. After studying the Jewelers designs and style, we spoke to him and the staff about their needs. The goal was to modernize and create a back drop which would allow the jewelry to be the focal point.
To do this required drastic changes in space, lighting, fixtures ,and floor plan, as well as a redo of the corporate offices.
All the the furniture and features were custom designed and produced to specifications. New flooring, moldings, window treatments helped complete the update to the sophisticated space.


A wall of back lit cubbies allow for display of awards and important pieces in the line. A comfy beverage area for clients to snack from while waiting. Natural light mixes with LED and back lit marketing.
Conference room and office allows for corporate meetings and Skype calls to dealers around the world. It features a oil painting of the Long Beach Indy, a event the jeweler works with each year.
A collage of wall mounted photos and media display the history of the family owned business.

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